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Shopping Creature from the Black Lagoon, Part 4: Sound System

Upgrading the Creature's Sound and Understanding Files and Folders One of my most desired mods to make to Creature was to upgrade the sound in the machine. The speech and cheesy midi tunes sound terrible - no, that's probably too strong of an adjective - maybe "budget-quality" is more like it. I had some great sounding stereo equipment back in the 90's when Creature came out, but that kind of quality was far too large and too expensive to put in a pinball machine, so the sound quality in the game was really a victim of cost and scale. It's amazing what the pinball companies were able to engineer in order to squeeze the most out of their limited budgets and small space. I also found the midi tunes to be very repetitive to have to listen to over and over, since there are only 5 of them: Rock Around the Clock, Hand Jive, Get a Job, Summertime Blues, Red River Rock. There's reportedly an original composition that plays at the end of the game, but it sounds lik

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