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The Steampunk Time Machine Virtual Pinball Cabinet Build, Part Two: A Visual Tour of the Build

This is the second entry in a series of posts documenting the progress towards completing my virtual machine cabinet build. Part One was a summary of the build plan. Here in Part Two, I'll be describing the design, components, and build, through extensive photos divided into sections. It took me two months to write this post because there are a lot of details I wanted to capture and I wasn't sure at first how to approach it. I finally got a bit of inspiration and this is the result, what I call a "visual tour" of the virtual pinball build. Displays and PC Installation My original build involved a 1080P Panasonic HDTV purchased back in 2011, and my PC had been built around that performance level. Recently, I got incredibly lucky when a friend had a 40" Samsung 4K HDTV that he no longer needed. When you get a TV like that for free, you just have to take it. This changed a few things in my build...I was going to need a new video card to run 4K, so I found a new one

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