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The Steampunk Time Machine Virtual Pinball Cabinet Build, Part One

One of the reasons I started this blog back in 2011 was not only to talk about real pinball machines, including the five that I owned at the time, but also to document a virtual pinball cabinet build. Virtual pinball is a video game, not a real machine, so I get why pinball purists don't like it. However, if you also like video games (I do), and approach virtual pinball as a simulator, you know that it can't replace the real thing but it's the next best thing. It's kind of like playing a flight simulator without actually flying, or playing Call of Duty without getting shot!

A virtual pinball machine seemed to me like an economical way to add value to the game room, and also helped save space. There's no way financially I'd be able to add all the real pinball machines I want, not to mention having enough space for them, so the virtual machine is a great compromise. Another great aspect of virtual versions is that they can help you identify shot locations and lea…

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