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Thoughts About Pinball - 2019 Review

Here are some brief thoughts about pinball happenings, on a national level as well as a personal basis, that happened over the past year. I did a similar post last year so I might as well keep the feature going...that includes revisiting topics I speculated about in the 2018 Review post, and how it differed from what actually happened in 2019.

Pinball Podcasts
This is particularly relevant as I recently wrote about Poor Man's Pinball Podcast. Last year I suggested that we are in the golden age of pinball podcasts with many to choose from. Last year i was listening to the This Week In Pinball Podcast, the Special When Lit Podcast, and the Head to Head Pinball Podcast. However, while I initially like Zach and he sometimes makes me laugh, his opinions are way off and he acts like he's right and everyone else is wrong. Special When Lit should be called the Ken Cromwell Podcast because he is always interrupting or talking over the top of co-host's incredibly frustratin…

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