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Monday, November 14, 2016

The Journal of BLT

I have been playing Frankenstein quite a bit lately...I mean, A LOT. I find it incredibly difficult, and the challenge keeps me coming back over and over. I have not got a high score yet - you need over a billion points and my HSTD is only 915 million. However, I was able to complete both jackpots and the Frankenstein letters during 6 ball multiball, which means I earned 6-ball Victor! This allowed me to enter my initials, which now appear during attract mode and the first North Pole shot of the game on the journal that is shown on the DMD. Some wiseguy (or wisewoman) had entered POO as their initials, so every game I was seeing "The Journal of POO", but now every game I see "The Journal of BLT". My initials are in the game! Probably one of my most satisfying pinball achievements yet...