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Friday, May 9, 2014

Update 5-9-14

It sure has been tough keeping this blog going...time flies when you don't have much to spare. I've been pouring all my time and money into getting my rental house fixed up, and I'm almost there. With the weather improving, I can actually work out in the shop again, which leads me to my first update...

Steampunk Time Machine Pinball
Still not much happening here. I've got a video card picked out but I won't have the funds to buy it until I get the rental move-in ready, which is targeted for June 1st. After I pick up the video card, my first efforts will focus on the front panel - installing gauges, buttons, the plunger, and a drawer for sliding the CPU out the front.

Creature From the Black Lagoon
With the weather improving, I will also check out the green up kit and hologram options I mentioned in my previous post.

White Water
In June I should have the funds to order parts for White Water so that I can finish the shop job and put it back together. I'll cover part two of the shop job in a future post.

Return to Ground Kontrol
A few months ago I went back to Ground Kontrol to play more pinball. They rotated some new games in, so I got to play a couple of machines I hadn't tried before. Judge Dredd (JD) was okay, but like other widebodies sometimes it gets a little boring while you wait for the ball to get to you. I would have liked to have seen it with a Dead World mod installed. No Good Gophers (NGG) was fun (I got a couple of hole-in-ones) and I can see why people like it, but I don't feel it's worth the price that most people ask for it when selling. It probably would have been even better had I been able to hear the gophers' taunts, but the arcade was too loud. Junk Yard (JY) was there but after owning that and selling it, I had no desire to play it.

On a whim I decided to put a couple of dollars into Pirates of the Caribbean (PoTC). It had been years since I played this game, but I had forgotten how much I loved it and racked up a great score on the first play. My roommate Kelly, a big Disney fan, had never seen it in action and loved all the little details and the sinking ship. We both walked away from it thinking that this is the next machine we'd like to own. I don't know what it is about Dennis Nordman-designed machines (Scared Stiff, White Water, PoTC), but they really strike a chord with me.

Stay tuned for more posts in June that should be the result of a flurry of activity...