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Welcome to Pinball Intrigue, where I indulge my fascination with the silver ball. Here you will find posts regarding my pinball experiences, pinball machine repairs and mods, a virtual pinball build, and links to other pinball sites.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Welcome to Pinball Intrigue!

Bloggers start blogs because they are passionate about something. I've started this blog because I'm passionate about pinball. I should clarify that by saying I'm passionate about solid-state pinballs instead of electro-mechanical, and of those solid-state machines I find myself drawn to Bally & Williams games.

Like many kids in the 80s, I was drawn the bright lights and beeping sounds of arcades. You have to remember that this was a time when Atari 2600s, Intellivisions, and Commodore 64s ruled home entertainment. The games you could find in the arcades had much more graphic power that home consoles  and computers paled by comparison. At first I sunk quarters into Asteroids, Galaga, Tempest and Donkey Kong, but eventually I was drawn to pinball machines. There were 2 games that originally sucked me in: Xenon and Black Knight. These were 2 of the first to feature voice audio, and there was something that, at the time, felt very futuristic about them. It didn't matter that I was a terrible player, or that the games weren't really good by today's standards...it was the atmosphere that I found intoxicating...the feeling that I was seeing the future arriving before my very eyes.

I've sunk more quarters than I care to remember into pinball machines. I've played just about every one of the early solid-state machines - Comet, Whirlwind, High Speed, Firepower, Black Knight, Fathom, and Space Shuttle were some of my favorites - and I have an opinion to share on most of them. So with that lead-in, here's what you'll find me talking about in this blog:

  1. Reviews of machines, including which make my top 10
  2. Restoration and repair of my home machines, including mods
  3. Links to pinball news
  4. Discussion of random topics and events related to pinball
  5. My home build of a Visual Pinball machine
So there you have it. Stay awhile and enjoy Pinball Intrigue. My goal is to make it one of the best pinball blogs on the internet.

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