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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Configuration & Download Roadblocks

A quick update:

I installed Future Pinball. Unfortunately I could only get about 2 out of 15 tables to work. I will dig into this more when I have time. I haven't had a chance to try 3 Angels yet, which is widely considered the best Future Pinball table.

I'm also in the process of configuring Virtual Pinball tables. I've been loading up each table to see if there are issues, such as unable to create textures or not finding ROM files. It's slow going - only 40 tables configured so far - but it is progress.

At the same time I've been acquiring as many tables as possible. It has been a pain, mostly due to download restrictions. Living in a rural area, I have to get my internet via satellite. The downside is that I'm limited by a FAP (Fair Access Policy) to 2GB of download per month. I hit that wall pretty fast through my Visual Pinball/Future Pinball/Hyperpin downloads, initial table downloads, Windows updates, and driver updates. This necessitated looking for other ways to get tables. One way is that I take my laptop with me during lunch and tap into free wi-fi networks. But this has a downside as well...I can only download so much in 30 minutes.

The final download solution involved my phone and has worked out extremely well. I have used very little of my 2GB dataplan from AT&T over the last year, so I figure they owe me...I have a Samsung Android phone, and the default browser would not download the zipped table files. I switched to the Dolphin browser, which said it was downloading files but a check revealed they were incomplete/corrupted. Finally I tried the Opera browser - success! Opera downloads the files completely intact, in their .zip format. It also has a great status bar and download history that allows me to track file size and table names.

I have well over 200 tables now, with more acquired every day!

For now I'll keep downloading and configuring tables. I still need to clean out the cabinet, order new flipper buttons, cooling fans, a wireless keyboard & mouse, sound card, speakers, and subwoofer. I also need to debezel the TV and get Hyperpin configured. So much to do, so little time!

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