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Thursday, August 25, 2011


After a week of little activity while I waited for parts, suddenly everything has come together at once. The CPU heatsink & fan arrived yesterday, along with the 28" monitor for the translite/backglass display. Also, I nabbed a Dell LCD monitor (not sure whether its 15" or 17") off Craigslist for $30, only a few miles away. I installed the heatsink & fan, which took over an hour, then headed to bed.

Tonight I'll be starting up the computer, configuring the bios, installing Windows 7 and updating drivers. Hopefully I'll have time to install pinball software, too. I just realized I bought a motherboard with no IDE connections and all I have for DVD drives are IDE, so I'll be heading over to Best Buy to get a SATA version tonight so I can install Windows. Pictures coming soon...

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