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Sunday, August 28, 2011


On Friday night, after setting my desktop to 1900 x 1080, my icons and launch bar were off the edge of the screen. I spent a couple hours playing with TV settings, trying to figure out why I wasn't getting 1:1 pixel mapping despite the TV having a "JUST" mode. I resized the desktop to 1580 x 1020 to get the desktop to fit, but then when I ran VP I had black bars on the top and bottom of the table. I went to bed discouraged, thinking I was going to have to take the TV back.

This morning I woke up determined to get it to work. Somehow, when I selected 1900 x 1080p this morning, then the full screen setting under the Nvidia settings, suddenly everything fell into place!

And the power off issues I had? Well it was only today that I took a closer look and realized the power button was on the side of the TV rather than the bottom. Every time I would set the TV up, the power button would get pushed and shut off the TV. I had been turning the TV on and off with the remote, so I had no idea where the power button was!

I also installed Hyperpin with no issues...

Next up: install Hyperpin media packs, get 2nd & 3rd screens going, install Future Pinball...

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