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Monday, September 12, 2011

Cabinet Design Has Begun

Well, I've made some steampunk purchases...there's no going back now!

After a trip to Hippo Hardware in downtown Portland this weekend, this is what I ended up with:

4 copper canopies
2 trouble light cages
2 fancy lamp socket sleeves
1 ornate doorknob
1 small art deco knob
1 brass cap (over punched)
2 large brass fittings
4 60 watt Marconi bulbs

I was not impressed with Hippo Hardware. Don't get me wrong, they have some neat stuff there, but not much that could be considered steampunk, and the prices seemed a little steep...I've seen stuff there in the past, so either they aren't getting salvage like they used to, or other steampunks have picked them clean. I expected to walk out with an armload full, but instead only filled half of a paper bag.

Then I picked up the following items on eBay:

4 WWII-era ampere gauges

A mini plasma sphere, USB-powered

2 LED color-changing bubbler tubes, 30" tall and 3" diameter

It's going to take some time to collect parts...there's several more auctions I'm watching. Some people spend years looking for that one "missing piece". I hope that's not me!

In addition to the items above, I'll need to acquire 2 sheets of mahogany veneer that will become the new surface of the cabinet, stained deep red. I'm also looking at brass legs, rails, bolts, and leg-levelers to complete the steampunk look of the cabinet itself.

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