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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Steampunk Item

Picked up another item for the Steampunk Pinball Machine...a beautiful brass Altitude Gauge made by Ashcroft Valve Company for The Kellogg-McCrum-Howell Company. Ashton Valve was founded in Boston in 1872 and was the leading manufacturer of steam gauges.

In Uniontown, Pennsylvania, in 1897, The Uniontown Radiator Company was sold to Evans Linn, and then to Lloyd McCrumb as Acme Radiator. In 1904 it became The Kellogg-McCrum-Howell Company. Mr. Kellogg retired in 1906 and the name of the company changed yet again, this time to McCrumb, Howell, and Company. That places the date of this gauge between 1904 and 1906!

The altitude gauge was used to show the amount of water in the house tank. It was most commonly used in electricity-generating steam plants, in railroad steam locomotives, and also in steam ships (the Titanic was one such ship).

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