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Monday, August 26, 2013

Virtual Pinball: Painting the Cabinet

Last week I was able to paint the insides of the VP cabinet and backbox. I used a flat enamel black spray paint and it turned out pretty well. The backbox was done with Rustoleum, and not only did it use an entire can, and didn't quite coat all the way and had to be touched up. It's pretty obvious that Rustoleum doesn't give you much paint in the can; I bought a couple of cheaper cans from True Value, and one can of that generic brand did almost the entire playfield cabinet. I was fortunate in choosing sunny days to do this earlier in the week, as the rain came rolling in on the weekend. Here's the pics:

The next step is to draw up my plans in scale. There will be four drawings: a "hole" drawing to show where all the holes will need to be cut, and a "finish" drawing to show how the machine should look when the parts are installed. I have to make one set for the backbox and one for the playfield cabinet, hence the 4 drawings that will be needed.

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