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Monday, July 28, 2014

Scared Stiff - Shooter Lane Kickout Not Working

With my White Water down for a shop job and the Creature receiving limited plays due to a multitude of issues, Scared Stiff gets all the game play in my game room right now. Last week I turned on the machine only to find that the ball kickout for the shooter lane was not ejecting a ball to start the game. This weekend I had a little free time and decided to "pop the hood." The nice thing about the kickout coil is that its right up front and easy to get to, so I didn't even have to lift the playfield, I just rested the rails up on the cabinet front. Fortunately this was easy to troubleshoot, as I immediately spotted a broken wire:

This happens every now and then on pinball machines, as over time heat and vibration will take a toll on the game, and since the solder joint is (usually) strong and the wire is the weak point, the wire breaks off. The required fix is to re-solder the wire back to the post. Normally the wire is soldered to the underside of the post, but I decided to solder it to the top because it was easier and more visible, it really doesn't make a difference either way as long as there's no danger of shorting, which in this case will not be an issue:

It only took a couple minutes to remove the old solder (which still had the remainder of the wire mixed in), strip the wire back, and re-solder it to the post. I fired up the game and the ball kicked out perfectly. I love easy repairs!

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