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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Link Profile: Pavlov Pinball

I originally started this blog to document my virtual pinball build, as well as talk about mods and repairs from an amateur enthusiast's point of view. I am neither a service technician nor a professional player (I'm not even playing in a local league competitively), so if I can own, play, and work on pinball machines, then anyone can. Although I have a slight advantage over the average person by having been a jet mechanic, a circuit board builder, and have an AS in computer programming dating to pre-Windows computers (okay so that may be a disadvantage), I still sometimes find working on pinball machines somewhat daunting, meaning I won't tackle repairs until I fully understand what's involved. I also don't have the luxury of having time to explore lots of different pinball places or shows. I'm not sure where I'm going with this preamble, other than to say this: if all I'm going to post about is repairs and an occasional trip, there's going to be a lot of dead space between entries.

That's where Pavlov Pinball comes in. What's great about Paul's site is that besides being graphically gorgeous, he has some great opinions about pinball features and news events. Because I think where I can really improve the blog, and fill in some of the dead space, is to write an opinion piece now and then that tackles different topics, sometimes my own and sometimes inspired by what appears on Pavlov. A big thank you to Paul for helping me to step outside of the box I had surrounded myself with.

You can check out Pavlov Pinball by clicking on the link in the sidebar...

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